Politics of company Erman Invest Limited.

Company Erman Invest Limited is engaged in trade at stock exchanges NYSE, LSE, NASDAQ and currency market FOREX. Our traders have a long-term operational experience and have proved, as professionals. For all time of existence of company Erman Invest Limited our traders uniform time have not brought the company of the notable loss. Naturally, there were and not profitable trading months, but it was very quickly compensated by reserve fund. We use an aggressive method of trade that gives us the big percent of profit. At the same time we hedge all our transactions that gives us the minimum risk and the maximum profit.

Distribution of profit on the auctions in the share and currency markets is carried out as follows. For example, we take the program of investment Gold. The investor invests in the program of investment Gold 10000$, profit of the investor - 24 % from the deposit, it means, that for trading month company Erman Invest Limited should give to the investor 2400$ profits.
But as a result of the aggressive auctions in the share market our traders have earned 42 % of profit, by means of 10000$ we have made the investor 4200$ net profit. Now from net profit we pay 24 % from the deposit to our investor, it is 2400$, and the others 1800$ will be listed in reserve fund of company Erman Invest Limited.

Now we will count differently. The next month company Erman Invest Limited profit has made 18 %. It means, that from 10000$ we have made the investor of net profit 1800$. But to the investor we should pay 2400$ (24 %) profits. Other sum we take from reserve fund. 1800$ (profit on trade) + 600$ (from reserve fund) = 2400$ profit of the investor. Our investors always to receive the profit.

Company Erman Invest Limited very seriously concerns the duties. We can confidently guarantee to the investors stable profit and timely payment of profit.

Referral commission: 5%

Accepted: Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money

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