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BetOnMarkets lets you trade the financial markets - without the hidden risk factors of other forms of trading. The BetOnMarkets service is owned and operated by Regent Markets Group. Fully licensed and regulated, BetOnMarkets has been providing financial betting to a worldwide audience of over 200,000 clients since 1999. also a portal that will guide you through the online forex trading world.
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We accept many methods of payment, including Bank Wires/transfers, Direct deposits, Cash, SWIFT, Western Union, etc. In most cases, our transactions are completed in a few hours. As a matter of fact, at, we pride ourselves with crediting your Gold account within minutes of your funds having cleared into our accounts.
BetOnMarkets has been the leader in fixed odds financial trading since 1999. More than 300,000 smart traders worldwide enjoy trading the markets quickly and easily with us.

Trading fixed-odds binary options on the financial markets with BetOnMarkets offers some unique benefits compared to other forms of trading.

Binary options allow you to:

Choose precisely the level of risk that you prefer
Review your total risk and return before you commit to a trade
Risk only your chosen stake; there are no hidden fees or additional risk
Trade with a straight-forward prediction; no complicated terms

BetOnMarkets offers these additional advantages for the discerning binary options trader:

Pricing in line with inter-bank rates.
Dynamically priced trades for exactly the option you want, including the selection of market, strike and time period.
No hidden fees or gimmicks.

With the wide selection of available options, there are always opportunities available. With BetOnMarkets' flexible platform, you can profit whether markets are headed up, down or sideways. With our wide range of global markets we deliver action 24 hours a day.

Our multi award-winning service is based on a patented trading system. Everyone from casual players to professional traders can enjoy the widest range of fixed odds bets in the industry. With stakes as low as a dollar and payouts of up to $75,000, everyone is covered whether it's for 30 seconds or 360 days.

The Benefits of Fixed Odds Trading with BetOnMarkets Controlled Risk
With fixed-odds trading, your risk is limited to your initial stake. We clearly show you both the potential profit and potential liability before you commit to a trade. There is no risk of a 'margin call', no risk of getting 'stopped out' of a winning trade. No need to babysit your trades to protect against gapping markets that can wipe out an entire portfolio. You decide your stake, your payout and the market level you want upfront and only place the trade once you're comfortable with the risk/return on offer.

BetOnMarkets delivers, what we like to call, 'set it and forget it' trading, but we also offer you the option to sell your bet back before expiry. You can sell to bank profits early, to get out of a trade that is going against you, or to free up funds to participate in a new opportunity. Once you've decided to sell, we'll pay the current value of the trade directly to your account.
Simple to Understand
Fixed odds trades are easy to place and understand. You select the terms yourself so you always know exactly what needs to happen for a win. If you know:

Which market you want to trade
The period over which you want to predict its movement
The amount of movement you expect

Then you're ready to start trading. With just this information entered into our system, we can show you some complementary trades. With our dynamic pricing, you can adjust these parameters until you get the option and the price you want.
You are in control
The award-winning BetOnMarkets platform delivers two key benefits that let you control your risk and trade in any market conditions: liquidity and flexibility. You define the parameters for when you get paid. You decide how much you want to earn when you are right.

Most brokers offer options as if they came off an assembly line. Someone selects the size, shape and color. Someone else decides how many are on offer. You can take it or leave it.

Our patented technology lets you define your own parameters. You tell us what you want to trade. We price the trade in real-time using live market data. We also act as market makers so you always have someone to take the other side of the trade. No matter which position you want to take in the markets, we'll price it.

You never have to limit yourself to the options or volumes set by a broker. You're in complete control. Buy as much or as little as you want, with the terms you want.

BetOnMarkets offers the same razor-sharp pricing to all of our clients, big and small. You see the potential payouts before you commit to a trade.
Trade a Range Of Markets from One Account
BetOnMarkets offers convenience with the ability to trade a range of markets from just one account. Whether you prefer currencies, commodities or stock indices, we have options. They are all traded from the same account using the same familiar interface, so you can pick whichever is right for you whenever it's right for you.
Multiple Trade Types to Take Advantage of Different Market Conditions
With BetOnMarkets' flexible fixed-odds platform, you're not limited to simply 'Up' or 'Down' . You choose the way you think the market will move. We offer options that allow you to profit whether the market is rising or falling, range-bound or volatile.
Tax Free Profits
Fixed odds trading is classified as betting. In many jurisdictions, this means that all returns are tax-free. The money you save goes directly into your pocket. The price you're quoted for a bet is exactly the price you pay and your winnings are yours alone.