Hi, many people using forums to exchange money seriously, and many to steal other peoples money. So there are some rules and tips you may want to read before exchanging money at cashbb.com forum or elsewere.

Exchange Rules
- Exchange money only on your own risk
- Dont believe anyone contacting you outside forum personal message system pretending he is some member, require him to send you personal message first.

Reversibility of e-currencies (Read which e-currency payments can be reversed easily)
- LibertyReserve payments should be irreversible
- PerfectMoney payments should be irreversible
- PayPal payments are reversible, and many scammers sends PayPal and then chargeback money when you send them LR or other money
- EgoPay payments cant be reversed easily, but they can be put on hold because of fraud investigation.
- Payza can be reversed
- SolidTrustpay payments can be funded by credit card and can be reversed

If you are not ready to take the risk, think about other exchange services like: http://xchanger.org, http://extremexchange.com, http://Goldexpay.com

cashbb.com is not liable for any losses you may experience as a consequence of using cashbb.com forum. Exchanges might be dangerous and you may loose your money, so exchange only on your own risk.