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Lending often plays a key role in the development of small and medium businesses. With an increasing number of enterprises is a growing need for borrowing, which is especially beneficial to credit institutions. It is believed that the niche occupied by business lending banks, but also for private investors of opportunities in this field are many. Banks try to compensate for the risk of high interest rates on loans. Add to that the complexities of the guarantee and the need to provide collateral, the small amount of time and inconvenient. These disadvantages that inevitably faced by entrepreneurs, forcing them to abandon the bank services and access to private investors. Private lending is not only profitable for investors, but also beneficial to employers, even despite the fact that the interest rate is usually higher because it includes real risks of defaults. The loan amount and term of the loan negotiated individually, which gives the borrower the opportunity to quickly get the necessary funds, avoiding paperwork. This advantage to the banks is so essential that the entrepreneur is more profitable to pay the extra interest investor than to get into debt with the bank. Pursuing private lending for a long time, I got an impressive base of regular reliable customers. During the work I was able to reduce the amount of defaults to 2-3%, and at times to increase net profit. With years of successful experience, I am ready to offer unique solutions to novice investors for investment in the private sector, while ensuring the absence of risk and good return on investment. If you are keen to engage in investment activity, I am ready to help you.

$20 - $100 0.26% Daily for 30 days
$101 - $300 0.31% Daily for 30 days
$301 - $1000 0.37% Daily for 30 days

Accept: Liberty reserve, Perfect money

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