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PrimeX7 is a Wealth Management Company. PrimeX7 aimed to ensure our investor to have an easy, low risk and profitable investment choice.
Our team are experts and professionals who come from globally and have years of experiences in Forex. We fully understand and knowledgeable about the industry and our investor needed.
“Prime” is a unique and sequenced number. We take this as our company name because we believe that our uniqueness is able to maximum our investor a sequential profit.
PrimeX7 have different kind of investment plan, which suitable for different financial portfolios.
We encourage you to be one of us and start to benefit and change your life from PrimeX7

7% daily (Principal Return)
Basic PX 7 $10 - $1,000 7.00

157% After 7 days
Natural PX 7$10 - $10,000 157.00

207% After 14 Days
Probability PX 7 $100 - $30,000 207.00

267% After 21 Days
Progression PX 7 $1,500 - $40,000 267.00

307% After 28 Days
Infinitely PX 7 $2,500 - $45,000 307.00

Payment: Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, STP

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