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Fx Finvest is a private fund management organization since 2011 and working under the control and guidance of a public company since July 2012, Fx Finvest is the diversified financial services holding company with subsidiaries focused and engaged primarily in Forex trading/Investment in Financial products/Solar/Energy/Metals market. Company is engaged with advance and latest technical research and analysis companies on daily basis market analysis, as well as on long term future projections. Company is serving private and institutional Clients.

Company started inviting lower, middle and higher middle level Clients to participate in the world’s biggest financial market as a better earning opportunity for each and everyone.

Product package plans:
Basic Package: $50- $10000 30% of daily trade profit for 410 days
Standard Package: $10001 - $50000 40%of daily trade profit for 410 days
Platinum Package: $50001- $100000 50% of daily trade profit for 410 days

Referral Bonus: 1st Level : 5%, 2nd Level : 3%, 3rd Level : 2%
Accept: Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money