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Goldenoneweek providing full service investment solutions of different industries and sizes across the international. we first offered our unique services. The results were so positive, and the feedback to offer our services to the entire world. Our professional expertise allows us to offer you secure returns on investments.We use various strategies.

Golden Oneweek is always interested in highest profits for the people investing their funds with us. That's why we are constantly monitoring the market situation, and our complex statistical analysis shows trends of development for particular companies as well as for the whole branches and geographical regions. Royal Max Dealers is a top professional company that has created a strong team of best specialists in economics, analysis and statistics. We use the newest informational technologies and our experience for the deepest research and providing our clients with the most successful ways of investments. All you have to do is to choose among the proposed variants of investments on our website and get ready for regular profits!

5% FOR 30 DAYS
Plan Spent Amount ($) Daily Profit (%)
Plan 1 $10 - $300 5.00
Plan 2 $300 - $50,000 5.50

115% After 7 days
Plan Spent Amount ($) Profit (%)
Plan 1 $10 - $300 115.00
Plan 2 $300 - $3,000 120.00

New Package
Plan Spent Amount ($) Hourly Profit (%)
Plan 1 $0 - $100 3.20
Plan 2 $101 - $1,000 3.30

Payment Option: LibertyReserve, Perfect Money, STP, Egopay

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