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Thread: Want Continue Profit on Online "Gambling"?

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    Cool Want Continue Profit on Online "Gambling"?

    We know gambling is addictive!!!

    So the main requirement is NOT greedy.
    Okay here is my secret profit sharing continues, than I make and sell ebook, it's better to share.

    To play this you need to have your e-currency such as LR: making here Liberty Reserve

    But if you can not overcome the greedy, you should not play.
    Principally Online gambling is a program, created to keep people hooked.
    Well I am going to share every day and secret key:

    1. Specify how much money that you would not be too feel lost if defeated, consider this cost for fun. Do not try to use the money that you would cry if lost.

    2. games / gambling online has parameter limit forr / customer wins default tolerance of 30%. So if you deposit $ 10 you win the maximum tolerance is $ 13. To take steps that secure 10% only, when you have profit $ 1, please stop.

    Deposit $ 10
    When the balance of $ 11 (win) immediately stop and witdhraw.

    3. analyze what I do daily:thumbs up:

    From the picture above shows my first day using 5 accounts with my daily profit target of $ 5 (only 10%).

    If you only play on weekdays then consider 20 days

    $ 5 x 20 days = $ 100 additional money

    ================================================== ===
    Bacarat Game play in Banker Casino is The Best Casino - Home:dancedog:
    For right now the trick is always to win assumptions for 1 account:
    1. If we expect profit $ 1 then we use capital $ 10
    2. specify the same options to win 2 times, then change the option and play until win 2x and replace longer an option
    3. start at 0.1 $, if you lose naikin 2X, until won. 2x did win, then back to rule No. 2
    4. if you're lucky $ 1 straight out, do not be greedy, witdhdraw
    5. wait witdhdraw completed
    6. if it done we created a new email account, new lr, then register again.
    7. funds we move into the new LR account.
    8. happy $ $ $.

    Do not forget to clear cookies, you should use alternate browser. eg use IE, subsequent use Firefox, and CHROME, etc. interchangeably.

    You can earn 1 dollar less than 5 minutes. Remember, do not be greedy in one account, just 10%, it witdhraw

    This rule simply multiply the profit you who you are targeting. targets for example my $ 5 a day then I use 5 accounts.

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    Rule to profit on Bacarat Game:
    - New email
    - New LR
    - Clear cookies
    - New account

    Determine capital: eg $ 10 then we only expect profit $ 1, do not be greedy

    We start playing:
    1. make a selection Banker or Player, stay on that option until 2 wins. if it is 2 wins, change your choice

    2. starting with 0.1 $, if you lose, double until won.
    eg 0.1 loss, raise the bet 0.2. if the loss again, so raise 0.4, if you win you get 0.8, which means that profit $ 0.1

    3. repeat step 2

    4. After winning 2 times, change the option choice. repeat step 2

    5. if already be $ 1 profit, stop, and cashout.

    6. lr prepare a new account, new email For the next session.

    Message: Do not be greedy, do not use the money that you borrowed, or would cry if lost. Just for fun and hope a little profit of course

    Profit today:

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    Profit today:

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    additional profit today

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    remember, do not be greedy. keep smart and stay in profit.
    play for fun dont play for life

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    1 account success for today, progress for next account

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    remember to stop when winning, profit is more important than greed

    today profit liquid:

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    just play, with a deposit of $ 25 I get $ 32, $ 7 profit in just 10 minutes to play

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    Banker Casino is The Best Casino - Home
    profit again, deposit 50$ and the result is:

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