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About Uinvest Ukraine - Uinvest Online Investment

Uinvest helps investors locate and review economic opportunities in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. The company user-friendly site offers a convenient and secure means of investing, where individuals can add or withdraw funds at their leisure. Overseen by financial professionals with considerable experience, Uinvest is the preferred means of investing in Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

Uinvest was established in 2006 and facilitated the success of 80 venture businesses (projects) through 5,000 members investment over the last 5 years. These 80 companies present asset value is estimated to be $300 million, over 10 times higher than primary. At the same time, the investors have been enjoying high return in exchange of high risk as venture capitalists or angel investors, which I believe they deserve it.
Once again the Programme Snapshot

Average net monthly return of all projects for investors is 12% (the latest project's ROI is 15.6%)
Your investment is partially protected by security deposits for all business owners are forced to put in each project
Available Projects: You can choose diverse array and every day changing as of today, 23 projects are listed in the site but 15 projects are already sold out thus 8 projects are available to invest
Minimum Entry Cost: The above 8 projects range between $17 - $1,600 per share
Funding methods: Bankwire / Credit Card / Check / PayPal / Alert Pay / Liberty Reserve
The company profit structure looks very strong (I share only its details as below here), means huge cash generation power to support their ambitious future expansion plan.

The Detail Historical Company Profit Margin

Year Jan-Feb-Mar Apr-May-Jun Jul-Aug-Sep Oct-Nov-Dec
2007 -11.03% -6.38% 12.12% 16.38%
2008 29.44% 20.09% 33.40% 24.90%
2009 23.05% 27.64% 37.08% 31.25%
2010 21.79% 40.91% 53.80% 77.29%
2011 46.02%

What is Uinvest providing you?

Their website enables investors to find, buy or sell, and manage a potentially profitable enterprise. By simplifying the ability to invest online, they also balance the benefits and liabilities of each business, while empowering people to make money in a suitable business. Each of these businesses, including factories, facilities, restaurants and service companies, is a potential source of income or ownership. In fact, their success with these brands is the result of their proven record, in Europe, as specialists who understand the economic and regulatory guidelines in this region.

How much can I earn?

There is no limit to your earnings. The investment opportunities on Uinvest represent active businesses. By purchasing shares in a business, you become an important participant in the management and income distribution of your investment. Everything depends, of course, on choosing the right business and properly managing that investment.

What can I lose?

Any investment contains an element of risk. Uinvest seeks to minimize risk by offering business opportunities that are viable and quickly profitable. By becoming a manager in your own business, courtesy of Uinvest, your decisions influence the potential success and sustained profitability of your investment. Simply stated: you control the scope and direction of your investment. Period. You can also sell your business, or withdraw profits directly into your bank account. As always, the professionals at Uinvest are available to answer any questions you may have about a featured business.

Is there a minimum investment? Is there a maximum one?

Each business featured on Uinvest has its own minimum and maximum investment requirements. They offer a diverse array of business opportunities, from entrepreneurial ventures to large-scale enterprises.

Are these businesses legitimate investment opportunities?

Uinvest only works with viable businesses that have a clear plan for generating profits. They screen each business based on their own extensive criteria. After registering with Uinvest, you can access all information €“ including any relevant analysis about a featured business.

What is the entrance fee? Are there membership fees?

Registration is absolutely free. After registering with Uinvest, you can select an investment that meets your specific interests. Their minimal fee 10% of any income you receive from your investment only activates when your business starts generating profits. This business model is a further incentive for the professionals at Uinvest to select only the most attractive investment opportunities.

Do we get proof of our ownership?

As an investor you will receive documents confirming your ownership by regular mail. You will receive shares certificate where your name and number of shares are specified. The certificate is protected by a hologram sticker and sealed by Uinvest director. In your mail package there will also be your business review - description of your business, photos and its address.

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My current account statistics:

1 Foodstuff mill 2012-09-05 20:09:59 2012-11-05 $ 410,00 $ 410,00 $ 64,00 active
2 Spa Saloons Chain 2012-05-28 15:21:59 2012-10-28 $ 89,00 $ 100,50 $ 15,00 active
3 Family Entertainment Complex 2012-05-27 16:23:00 2012-10-27 $ 175,00 $ 175,00 $ 27,00 active

Until now, I invested ~$600 (I began somewhere in May)
I earned ~ $782 (Today)

I a few words, this is how this works: You add some money on this website. Let's say you want to invest $100. You have a big list of businesses in which you can invest. For example let's take the "Spa Saloons Chain" (where I also bought one auction for $100.5) and I receive $15 per month.

Location: Ukraine, Yalta region
Business: Spa Saloons Chain
Years in business: 7 years
Amount needed: $338,200
Earnings monthly: $57,000
Investment period: 2 years <---------------this is the period of time while I'll receive the $15. After this period is over, I receive my initial investment.
Project started on: 05/15/2012 <--------------- date when the project was added on website

I can provide any proof of my earnings and the fact that uinvest is not a scam.

If anyone is interested please join here: https://uinvest.com.ua/?amigosid=15797

Anyone who joined under my refferal link will have all my support :P