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An investment with a certain rate of return and no chance of default. Although various investments (for example, savings accounts or blue chip stocks) meet these requirements, a Treasury bill is the most common example of a riskless investment. Risk-free investments have such a low level of risk that it may be ignored.

All our loan operations are insured and each one has a security which is equal to the amount of loan plus the interest on the loan. We use the funds invested by our members. So all your investments are insured by default.
Starter Plan. min$10.00, 1.6% per business day.
Regular Plan. min $500.00, 1.8% per business day.
Advanced Plan. min $2,500.00, 2% per business day.
Investment term is 180 business days. Compounding is available. Principal amount is returned upon maturity.

Private Plan. This plan is available to groups only. All the details are discussed individually.

5% referral commission
Accept payments via Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, SolidTrust Pay, Bank Wire Transfer

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