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    i'm not admin

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    I make deposit here:

    You have successfully sent a payment from your account U0948810 (umeghayu):

    Date: 10/15/2012 3:44 AM
    Batch: 114583397
    Sent To: U2592375 (dhidumdum)
    Amount: $10.00
    Memo: Deposit to User umeghayu

    Thank you.

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    Get Paid - Ontime -

    Date: 10/18/2012 10:53 AM
    Batch: 115178409
    From Account: U2592375 (dhidumdum)
    Amount: $0.35
    Memo: withdrawl to user masforex from

    Thank you.
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    Got paid!

    Date: 11/15/2012 5:44 AM
    Batch: 119809628
    From Account: U2592375 (dhidumdum)
    Amount: $0.30
    Memo: Withdrawl to user DaTre from

    Thank you Admin!
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