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FXCreditfund is an asset management group that provides investments services, risk management and advisory services to both institutional and individual investors across the globe, provides a wide range of solutions and strategies to serve the financial investor. Prefund has proved their abilities for investment management. We believe that non-stop research development and innovation are the core components. Prefund executes its business strategy by integrating its investment management teams with high standard professionals and well-built collectives.

The company provides first class financial and investment services for individuals and corporate bodies from over 10 countries worldwide. Its customers include banks, insurance companies, investment funds, credit unions and private persons looking for effective ways to make their money work for them.

103-130% after 1 day, $10 - $20,000
110-210% after 3 days, $20 - $20,000
116-600% after 5 days, $30 - $20,000
125-1200% after 8 days, $50 - $20,000
2000-4000% after 15 days, $100 - $20,000
4000-6000% after 30 days, $100 - $20,000

LibertyReserve, Perfectmoney, SolidTrustPay, EgoPay
Referral up to 20%

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