Hi there, i have bought Forex Replixator and installed it on Pepperstone Razor Account today April 12. 2012. First i want to tell that i misunderstood the EA function! So i want to warn you if you dont know it yet, Forex Replicator does not trade automatically for you. Its claimed to be semi automatic expert advisor meaning it can adjust stop loss and take profit values once you open trade and it can close the trade. So far i did not discovered if this works, because SL and TP was not placed automatically even i have AutoSLTPModiffy set to True. Maybe i need to disable it and set values will be added, i need to try..

So if you are man who likes autotrading, and you are not successfull in manual trading, this probably is not for you and wont help you.

I will look on this EA ForexReplicator, it has 60 days money back guarantee from William Morisson so it is quite worry free purchase.

Here is some example image showing expert advisor Forex Replicator in action. It includes Indicator which you first attach to the graph and then EA alone. Indicator shows you similar candlestick formation from past, so we have some probability that current formation can go the way as past one.. The image you can see below is bad example of advice, Indicator gives much better output usually:
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My Forex Replicator review after few days of using:
Hi again, after adding Indicator and EA to your chart, you need not only setup EA properties, but mainly properties of Indicator. How to do it? Right click into Indicator chart window (below the standard chart) and click Indicator list or something like that. In the list, edit your Forex Replicator indicator. And tweak the settings as you wish.

There is a downside of the indicator if it can be called that way. Indicator EASILY consume all your computer sources. Quadcore, 3GB ram is nothing when you select examination of like 6000+ bars history and 20+ bars prediction/match. But this is OK, it probably canot be made other way and it is not any bug of the indicator. I treat this indicator as very valuable and definatelly worth the purchase!

Do you have any experience with trading using Forex Replicator EA?

Additional note after month of use: I think its best to use Forex Replicator with another indicator which might give us better idea where the price will go. The similarity of graph parts are usually 85-98%, 97%s are present quite often and myself i relly only on 97%+ and make trade only if im quite sure it will really go that direction.