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Mutual Capital is a long term, reliable, and secure investment program,it is run by Invest Box and its investment professionals, they are especially capable of helping customers who wish to have a better future and better income without working hard. Our group uses an investment strategy based on providing ordinary investor's the higher returns by using all the resources available to global investors. We invest finances in various types of e-commerce activity. The money you spend in our program will be reinvested in different opportunities to gain higher rates of returns.

Mutual Capital provides seed money to the numerous profitable spheres: stocks, hi tech equipment and programs, software environment, etc. We work with real investments, for which we have extremely high standards of caution and safety before we choose one to invest in.

105%-130% after 1 day
117%-200% after 3 days
135%-500% after 5 days
160%-700% after 7 days
300%-1200% after 10 days
500%-1800% after 14 days

Minimal Deposit: $10
Maximal Deposit: $30,000

Accept: LibertyReserve
Referral Commission 2 Levels 3%>1%

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