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A new revenue sharing program

Q: How much is one Share?
A: $2

Q: What can I get from a share?
A: With your package purchase you will get 1000 banner impressions and 2000 text ad impressions. Make sure to use this ad impressions as this is what you have paid for.

Q: When does my Share/Position expire
A: When your profit from your share/position reach $2.50

Q: Does my old shares earn commission when I purchase a new share?
A: Yes

Q: Can I earn from my referrals?
A: Yes. You earn up to 3 levels of referrals. 5% from your direct referrals, 3% on 2nd level and 2% on the 4rd level

Q: What is the minimum withdrawal amount?
A: $1 for STP and Paypal(No payouts to LR)

50% auto repruchased
Instant deposit and instant withdrawal (Paypal withdrawal is manual)
Paypal- Manual payouts - ONLY for those who funded with Paypal/No Paypal withdrawals
LR - No payouts to LR - People who fund with LR have to withdraw via STP