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This website https://tivsol.com is the official online community of Total Investment Solution, here all our online operations for the above named company operate. Tivsol is a global advertising and profit making platform which is licensed for operation with a base in Great Britain.

Whether you have the need of where to invest in a stable lasting program or to promote your project to the global community then you have the solution here at Total Investment Solution. Tivsol has built its offering around solving the greatest needs of its customers: providing a sustainable stable daily earning of 3% 5% daily profits and a referral earning plan of 6% , Its not all about the earning we go ahead to help our customer showcase their hard work to our online global community.

As an independent, global profit making and advertising firm, Total Investment Solution has no greater responsibility than to its customers. We are here for the prepared mind who dares to achieve their desires in a less stressful way.
Investment Plans

All of our plans are based on sharing our profits with our investors. The bigger your investment is, the bigger is your profit share. Each deposit transaction has its own active period and its own profit that will be added to your account balance every calendar day.

Autosurf Earning Plan:
Earn 5.0% Daily for 30 Days
No Return of Initial Deposit
Surf 10 Pages on a 10 Seconds Timer
Minimum Investment: $10
Max Investment: $50,000
Daily Earning and Daily Withdrawal Allowed

Non-Autosurf Plan:
Earn 3% Daily for 90Days
Initial Deposit is Returned
Surfing is not Required to Earn
Minimum Investment: $10
Max Investment: $50,000
Daily Earning and Daily Withdrawal Allowed

Accept: Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, STP, Egopay

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