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Forex-2013 was founded by the group of Forex net traders. Now we work with many people from Europe and North America.
Forex-2013 is an internet investment fund which takes deposits from different people for a half-year period of time. We invest one part of money to the bank and another part to the Forex trading. Bank insures one part of money. Forex is our main specialization. We have experience in trading and we know how to make real profit by using technical analysis. We also have our own indicators which help us each trading day.We have great contracts with banks and other financial groups.We offer special services for our clients and partners.. There are many ways how to make money hourly.
Our professional traders will make you stable profit.

1500% after 1 hour
700% after 4 hours
300% after 8 hours
200% after 1 day
1.05% daily forever

Min 80$

Accept: Liberty Reserve,Perfect Money

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