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    Felgold Partners is a leading, highly diversified global investment management firm. Felgold Partners offers a range of alternative and traditional investment strategies for institutional and private investors around the world.

    Founded in 2001, the Company seeks to provide its investors with risk-adjusted returns in a management structure that closely aligns the interests of investors and managers. A combination of various investment options and strategies is used to achieve the optimal balance for our portfolio. Based on our needs we work with market specialists to secure financing or raise additional capital through joint ventures, or partnerships. There are numerous financing options that are available to help meet overall investment goals. Our goal is to understand the mix of credit and debt requirements for every project and make recommendations based on expectations that will help maximize financial returns.

    Basic 140%: 20% Daily Profit For 7 Days, Instant Withdrawal, $1.00-$50000.00
    Business 200%: 200% After 7 Days, Instant Withdrawal, $10.00-$50000.00
    VIP 150%: 50% Daily Profit For 3 Days, Instant Withdrawal, $700.00-$7000.00

    Accept: Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, Egopay
    Referral: 10%

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    Scam now! Two pending payment of three days to me.

    Withdrawal request Pending:$5.00 Nov-02-2012 11:33:10 AM
    Withdrawal request Pending:$5.14 Nov-01-2012 07:28:41 AM
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