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Thread: My first post here

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    Question My first post here

    Good day my fellow internet gurus, pros and newbies like me.
    I joined internet simply because i know its a good way to make money but to my surprises all my effort to make a dime since last year i came online failed,
    Please, what am i doing wrong? are you making money? then how?

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    Hello, welcome to the forum. To earn money with online opportunities, you need to check out new opportunites and payment proofs of paying sites.

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    Which money making methods you tried? Internet is where people spend time for fun, shopping, getting information. You need to provide good information or good service in order to make money. When you consider joining some money making opportunity, ask yourself whether by your participating you really making the value that is equal to the value they offer you. If they offer much more than the value you make, then it is probably some catch or not worth joining.
    CashBB is a moneymaking community. Not a member yet? Get CashBB account now.

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    One thing I have learned so far -" Making money online is not that much easy as it seems". Trying again after making mistakes, same as you.

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