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We have experience with trading from the year 2007 and now we have decided to offer our business to small investors who want to make money in the shortest possible time. Our business portfolio consists primarily of investments in commodities and currencies (Forex).

Who are we?
We are group of experts dealing with long and short term trades (swing trading and intraday trading) and economic analysts. After the experience with our PAMM account from world-renowned broker, we decided to expand our operations to a larger group of people who can invest much less money than before.

How do we trade?
Our primary business strategy is daily trading (intraday trading), where every day we make tens of trades (about 30-40), while the average profit on each trade is around 3-7% of capital invested in the each trade. Our trading have a 91% success rate and are based on information from our professional currency analysts.
Why us?
1) Long-term experience in trading, we work with forex analytical experts.
2) 91% of our trades is successful.
3) We are working with our previous experience with investors from PAMM System.
4) We have instant deposit/withdraw system.
5) Our live support is here for you every day and answer any questions what you have.


ALFA: 119% after 1 day from $5
BETA: 140% after 2 days from $10
GAMMA: 163% after 3 days from $15

7% Referral Commisions
Support PM, LR, STP, EP
Instant withdraw

Domain registered for 3 years
Licensed script live support
DDoS protected server
SSL secured website

Join >>> http://www.usscapitals.com

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