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    LifeTimeShares -

    I am not The admin

    New Profit Sharing With an Unbelievable $1 Starting Cost!

    SHARE PRICE: $ 1 Include 2000 banner impressions and 3000 text impressions per each share you buy plus 75% profits for life

    How it works

    Once you signup for free to our program today, you can purchase 1 share for 1 dollar each, and receive quality advertising in the form of banner and text ad impressions 2000 banner and 3000 text impressions for each share you purchase.

    Then, you will receive a part of 75% from each share that our program sells, for life!!... NO REFERRAL NEEDED.

    You can also purchase shares using your available balance.Every share you purchase means 1 position that you will receive 75% on it, for each position.

    So the more shares that you purchase, the more money you earn. And the awesome part is that your position/share NEVER expire.


    You can cashout when your balance reaches 1$ which is processed within 24 hours after request.

    You can literally sit with your account page open, and watch as your earnings increase in real-time on a daily basis. There is no limit how many shares/Ad you can purchase a day or a year.

    Your positions will also earn commissions from the new shares that you purchase!! But not only that, we've got some great bonuses for free that you will thoroughly enjoy.

    Link >>>

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    I suppose this one is dying off, like all the other rev share?

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    Now paid? I want to know.

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    I have invested 5 $ into life time shares. But now it seems that the site have been gone

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    what is this i cant understand... please tell me whats the matter of this

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