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You participate in pyramid schemes, which works on the principle of "the previous - by following" For our part, we will try our best to help you to double or triple their capital.

Charging accounts
To work with the program, you must have an active account in the payment system Perfect Money. If you do not have an account - you can create one here.

Referrals - a good way to have a constant passive income. Each registered under your referral link, the user will be bringing you prybil with every bet.

It's no secret that one of the most effective methods of advertising have a direct invitation. So invite your friends to join our program, you get ref.bonus to 5% of the deposit invitee. As they say, all work must be paid! Even without their own contribution to the program, you can earn good money on the invitations.
System Ref. bonus accrual. The greater the amount of your deposit your partners, the higher your commission.
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Date started 25.11.2012 GMT

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