I would like to introduce Ultra Pay as the first GPT - CPA network online. This means that you can not just earn money by completing surveys on your own, but you can make others to complete them for you. With this combination you will be able to earn money as you wish. If you'd like to solve surveys for money than you'll get paid as well as if you "hire" people to complete them for you. You can not just make money at Ultra Pay but you can receive experience, points & achivements aswell.

About Ultra Pay

Our network is a brand new solution for everyone who interested in online money making. With Ultra Pay you can earn more money than you would imagine. We're using a hybrid technology to market surveys. You have 2 options once you've registered an account:
  • Complete surveys on your own -> Cashout money - (like GPT)
  • Make other people to complete your surveys with your unique tracking link -> Cashout money - (like CPA)

You can either complete the surveys for cash yourself or just make other people to complete them for you in return of any incentive reward (ex: cash, points). This gives you almost unlimited possiblities to earn money with Ultra Pay.

If you would like to find out more about Ultra Pay, the brand new Leveling System or Payouts, please visit the about section of the website.

Why choose Ultra Pay:

Ultra Pay is based on a brand new idea which combines both GPT and CPA. Would you want to earn much more money than you've earned with any other GPT or CPA website? I guess you would. Ultra Pay will pay you to complete surveys yourself (like on other GPT websites) but Ultra Pay will also pay you the same amount of cash each time someone else completes a survey with your unique link. Ultra Pay currently has 3200+ surveys to complete which includes 1500+ International surveys. Even if you are from a not known coutry you can earn by yourself & by spreading your links. We also have very high payout rates + if you gain enough experience your earnings will automatically increase. You will also receive various bonuses once you have reached specific levels.

If you are interested more about why should you choose Ultra Pay please visit the why us section of the website.

If you would like to be a member of Ultra Pay, please: Register Here