What Is Banners Broker

Banners Broker is an online advertising company that connects advertisers with publishers allowing them to promote their business/website through the use of banner ads. BB also has a unique ad-pub combo which gives average people the opportunity to get in on the action WITHOUT having a website.

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How Do I Earn With BB

Earning could not be easier! When you sign up to BB and purchase a package as an ad-pub combo you receive banner impressions PLUS ad inventory, the amount you receive depends on the package you come in with. The two most popular and benefficial are shown below

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The ad inventory is what earns you revenue and its tracked and calculated in what’s known as panels. The cost of each panel can be anything from $10 to $1000+ but each of them begins earning revenue from day one.

View the chart below to discover what each panel costs and what its return in profits are:

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How Often Do Panels Show Movement And By How Much?

Panels show movement or are updated usually every 24-48 hrs, however in some cases it may take up to 5 days for panels to increase. The rate at they increase varies from panel to panel, most finish in the same average amount of time for that particular colour.

When And How Do I Get Paid?

You can cash out your earnings whenever you feel, however it can take up to 10 days for it to be processed. There are many different options of receiving the payment including your very own Banners Broker card.

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How Much Can I Earn?

Banners Brokers income potential truly is limitless! Whether your panels are set to 100% or 50%, your business will continue to grow and earn revenue time and time again without the need to refer anyone or make any sales, ever!

Can I Purchase More Panels?

Once you have purchased a package you can then buy an unlimited amount of individual panels of each colour. Just keep in mind that once your second round of complimentary panels have run, you will then need to qualify them using traffic packs.

How Much Is A Traffic Pack And What Does It Do?

Traffic packages are purchased at the set price of $50 per month and they provide you with 100,000 hits per month which can be used to qualify your future panels.

How Many Panels Can I Qualify With 100,000 hits?

There are various different combinations of panels you can qualify with this amount of hits, for example 100,000 would qualify 20 yellow panels at 5,000 each, traffic packs are a monthly commitment which provides you with 100k hits per month!

What Other Ways Can I Qualify Panels?

It's not all about traffic packs! You can also qualify your panels by earning sales credits from your referrals. Hence the reason for the team build

How Do I Pay For Traffic Packs?

Traffic packs are a monthly commitment which is debited from your Banners Broker ewallet allowing you to pay with earnings.

Are There Other Income Streams?

You can earn very generous commissions from your referrals! Along with sales credits to qualify panels, you also receive 10% or $5 per month for EVERY traffic pack your referrals purchase, for LIFE! This can stack up to a very nice income as your referrals make more money and buy more traffic pack

Banners Broker has been online and in business for over 2 years now which during this time they have managed to hit the 100,000 affiliates mark. It has grown at an exceptionally FAST rate creating thousands of dollars in revenue for MANY people just like you! In fact, it's also been announced that within this short period of time the company has managed to create over 10 MILLIONAIRES!

BB will continue to grow strong and will remain offering the best possible products and services to affiliates. Get tuned in, turned on and READY for the ride of your LIFE because BB is only just getting started with MANY more exciting changes to be seen in the near future!

NO Need To Refer Anyone, EVER!
NO Need To Sell Anything, EVER!
NO Need To Even Have A Website!
EARN While Advertising Your Business!
Build An Income That Comes In For LIFE!
FULL Training And Step By Step Coaching From Banners Broker Tutorials and Team members!

Reply to join the teambuild and once you have upgraded to at least a starter package

Special cashback through Payza of $25 paid to first 3 affiliates in

+ a bonus of the following for the first 10 to upgrade:

To Starter: $5 rebate

To Basic: $15 rebate

To Business: $30 rebate

To Professional: $50 rebate

To Enterprise: $80 rebate (First 3 only)

To Ultimate: $120 rebate (First 3 only)

These rebates will also apply later on to the first 10 in the team if you decide to upgrade from Starter to a higher package later

Join US: bannersbroker.com/Suikxpt

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