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    Windows Server

    I would like to sell Windows 2008 server (remote desktop). It is dedicated server with Dual Core and 2GB ram. 5TB monthly bandwidth. Price is 99 / month.

    Thank you
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    Currently, Linux, software virtualization, containerization, orchestration, application and communication environments with open source play an important role in the public cloud. In addition, according to IDC, almost 40% of x86 servers are sold with Linux OS and a third of them are used as database servers. Of course, Microsoft SQL Server leadconcept(.)com/client-server-application.development.html will not become an open source product, but by offering it as a component of the Open Source stack, Microsoft will significantly increase the number of installations. This is a serious challenge for Oracle and IBM DB2 - also a proprietary database for open source environments. SQL Server for Linux also includes SQL Server 2016 tools such as storing columns in memory, which improves performance when executing queries up to 10 times, In-Memory OLTP, thanks to which the speed compared to storage tables on the disk is increased to 2.5 times. And Row-Level Security and Dynamic Data Masking protect data on the server from unauthorized access without making changes to client applications. Anyways, thanks for sharing the nice offer with us.

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