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Thread: Broker with zero spread

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    Broker with zero spread

    Hi, do you know any FOREX broker with zero spread at least on 2 main currency pairs?
    ECN, no Dealing desk?

    I have Pepperstone Razor and think its very good. But most often spread is at a few pips, not like 0.3 pips..
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    I use IC Markets their EUR/USD spread is zero most of the day.

    I have compared their spreads to Pepperstone and they are about 10% during the Asian session and 20% better during the European and US sessions.

    Pepperstone spreads do not go below 0.2 pips. IC Markets is much better and on top of this they do not have a 2 pip stop order and take profit order limit.

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    I am guarantee that there is no company which is legitimate will ever have such offer of no spread, it is the only way they earn. If a company offer no spread account than it is likely to be commission charging one, which in most cases are head and shoulder above the actual spread, so no way a company will last without taking spread or commission. I trade with OctaFX, it does charge spread but very low of just 0.2 pips, so at least that way they are able to survive while also we get best conditions.

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    There are very few brokers who have such extraordinary features. For example, FreshForex is offering zero spreads for some significant pairs, and they started this facility in 2015.

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