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    Health Forum

    I have started this Health Forum in late 2011 and aim is to create large general forum and discussion on health and various health issues. I would be gratefull if you can look at this forum and tell me if there is anything you would like to be improoved on this health forum.

    The URL of this health discussion forum is

    Thank you
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    The site looks good, I love the blue and white color scheme.

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    The site that you have shared is really have a useful content and i think participation in this website could be worthy. Fitness is really very necessary for all of us. As our body and work accuracy depends on our fitness level. The fact of not eating breakfast increases by 27% the risk of coronary heart disease . People who don't eat in the morning are also at higher risk of gaining weight and developing diabetes, normally say my family doctor rehabcure(.)org/physiotherapy/physiotherapists/. Your body needs fuel regularly to keep your organs functioning properly. Anyways. thanks for sharing the nice piece of stuff with us.

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    I always love to know something useful about health and fitness and this forum would hopefully help me to stay healthy and in pretty good shape.

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