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    Liberty Reserve is e-wallet and payment processor which have irreversible payments which can be also quite good advantage.

    Liberty Reserve also have quite reasonable fees, at the moment im writing this it is: 1% (min $0.01, max $2.99) Liberty Reserve fees.

    Do You have any questions or additional Information?

    Q: Can i have several LR accounts?
    A: Yes. You may open as many Liberty Reserve account as you wish as long as each account has its own unique e-mail address.
    Q: How can i fund LibertyReserve account, how can i deposit into LR?
    A: You need to use third party exchangers here:
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    Libertyreserve Maintenance Update
    Maintenance update
    Dear friends, it has come to our attention that some of our customers became concerned with our latest maintenance continuation and erroneous account status change for a group of our clients. Please find below an official explanation of reasons behind both instances:

    1. There is a group of blocked accounts which were erroneously blocked by an automated script that was tested in the beginning of August and apparently has failed to perform properly. Script was designed to automatically secure in account in the event of multiple suspicious login attempts. During this maintenance we have identified the problem, addressed it and it is now being solved.

    2. Since we were forced to perform extended maintenance, we saw an opportunity to add some of the additional features that were pending to be added to the website. As the web site appears shortly, you will discover Credit Card Funding option (available ONLY to a verified users), along with other minor improvements and enhancements.

    We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this maintenance may have brought to you and would like to assure you that both issues are addressed in a timely manner and currently being worked on around the clock for the quickest and safest resolution. During this final stage of maintenance we are identifying erroneously blocked accounts and updating their statuses to "normal". This is a long and tedious process so your patience is appreciated. While we are doing everything possible to bring the system back faster, these processes make take an additional up to 2-4 days to complete.

    Any other explanation of this maintenance that you may come across online in various online forums is inaccurate or simply put - false and misleading.
    Posted by Jeniffer at 4:38 PM
    Aug-23-2012 07:39:43 AM

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    This is my favorite e-currency processor. never had problem with it. But the way is anyone know about referral program of this payment system? it working now or no?

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    Liberty Reserve is providing your own referal link. If a new client will registered under your referal link, you will receive your commission.

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