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Thread: A.M.B.E.R. - Commodity Code Robot Cashback & News

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    A.M.B.E.R. - Commodity Code Robot Cashback & News

    Update 27. October 2012: Drawdown -30% on real FXCHoice account. They communicate, but did not answered refund emails. So far i feel scammed and robbed by CommodityCode/Forex Striker/AMBER/Forex Observatory. Amber License number: 953 Waiting for contact and refund promissed.

    Hello, this is A.M.B.E.R. - Automated Multicommodity Binary Earning Robot news thread. You will be updated about news regarding this Commodity robot AMBER. Thank You for your time.

    AMBER robot official website here: Commodity
    Do You want to become AMBER affiliate? You need to create free account at Digibank24.
    Do You want to catch your chance to own this Gold, Silver oil trading software? THis is quite no brainer, because there is 100% money back guarantee.

    Commodity Code cashback, Amber cashback!!
    To order and get my cashback, please clear your internet browser cookies or also use browser you never used to access commoditycode website. Then click the link below to access Commodity Code website and buy the A.M.B.E.R. robot. After done, please email at jaroslunce AT or here via PM to get 80% cashback of my comission. Payment via Paypal. <-- this is the link to order AMBER and get the cashback. If you have any questions im there.

    I have bought my Private license 17.7.2012 via bank wire.
    19.7. im receiving an email with CommodityCode member area private access.
    26.7. First trades experienced on my Live account: My account is 18% in profit, 347.6pips

    First news about AMBER Commodity robot

    Hey, ***

    The creators of Fapturbo are following hot on the heels of PipJet with
    something HUGE!

    It's called A.M.B.E.R. - Automated Multicommodity Binary Earning

    They've partnered with new russian developers to produce the worlds
    first working gold, oil and silver trade robot.

    Commissions are going to be from $699 up to $6,630 per sale!

    This is going to be their biggest project yet and it kicks of on the 8th of

    You'll find all the information you need right here:

    This launch is going to be BIG with some fantastic commission
    potential, don't miss out on this!

    Good Marketing

    The MD/PipJet Team
    Attached Images Attached Images  
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    This is first affiliate AMBER newsletter i got:

    Hi valued businesspartner,

    Great to have you aboard.. we are ready to kickoff the commodity code prelaunch today!

    We are introducing the concept of gold oil and silver trading and convey technical prowess trough our super cool dynamic html opt in page that is a joy to navigate..

    this page will stay online for today and tomorrow.. so mail anytime to introduce your prospects to a new and original way to make money, before we get the big guns out and show cold hard trading proof over the next days of this monster launch.

    Get your swipe file over at:

    Remember: Send today or tomorrow to intro your list soft and easy.

    Building trust is a process and we take our time until the launch on the 17th to make sure you convert as good as possible!

    We got all pieces in place including proof of making a MILLION $ + powerful over the phone selling on your behalf to really rock this..

    I will be updating you with numbers frequently aswell to keep you in the picture so expect alot of mail from me

    To our mutual success,

    Steve and the whole commoditycode team


    remember, cookies in digibank stay locked in for 60 days.. you can mail hard now to generate leads.. the more traffic the better your sales will be..

    AMBER official site:
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    There is a new Affiliate newsletter for AMBER robot affiliates. Date 9.July 2012

    Even though it was Sunday we got like 130,000 hits to the commoditycode Intro Page!
    That`s simply amazing for day one and Sunday so thank you all for mailing so hard..

    Remember: The page stays also for today to give you ample time to intro your prospects to the idea of working with gold oil and silver but...

    TOMORROW the proof showing begins..

    We start out with our "worst"(LOL) performing commodity.,oil.. and gradually go from silver to gold (that did over 600% profits!!)

    showing them how we made 1 freaking million dollars proven by brokerage statements..!!

    It will be legendary so :

    If you didn't mail yesterday mail the intro swipe that you can get from

    if you mailed you CAN mail a little reminder.. but thats no must

    HOWEVER the swipe for tomorrow is there...

    So schedule it for Tuesday 9 am est time when we switch the page up to brag about oil.. and get them excited

    Its a little road to the profits.. but were getting a ton of mail about people wanting it (even if they didn't know how much it actually is capable of making nor the price)

    and the phonecall guys from the UK are ready and will sell like crazy on YOUR behalf...

    Lets keep rocking this


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    This is an promo email from Forex MegaDroid Team, date 11.July 2012

    Hey, ***

    Automated trading of OIL? Only Steve from FAPTurbo could've come
    up with something like this!

    Check out this report:

    73% on such a high spread commodity is astounding…especially since
    this also has such a small drawdown and it trades frequently!

    By the way, this is REAL cash they're talking about here…AND…it
    gets better!

    Steve says that they've done ever better with silver and gold!

    From what we've been able to find out so far, they've been working on a
    bot that trades commodities…but they're still being very secretive about

    Check it out:

    This looks like it's going to be HUGE!

    All the best

    The MD Team

    P.S. If you sign up you can WIN a free copy of A.M.B.E.R! Make sure
    you get on their list!
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    Im attaching 2 official emails from FapTurbo and 1 email from MegaDroid Team regarding AMBER commodity robot. Received around 11.July 2012

    Hello ***!

    The first segment of the prelaunch has been done and 2 days into it we are more than happy with the results...

    and that's an understatement even.

    It's time to put the money where our mouth is and show your prospects some serious moneymaking with our first proofpage about OIL..

    Grab your swipe file and schedule it for tomorrow 11.07 9 AM EST time!

    It's there with several nice subjects waiting to be garnished with your affiliate link in it.

    ALso due to some requests we added commoditycode banners boldly declaring the possible "death" of forex ... so feel free to PPC your way to financial freedom..

    Keep up the great job and hear you tomorrow


    Ps: Imagine some super motivating lines like "you're a badass affiliate" or "you are killing it" in this space

    Oh and as usual my skype.. -> *** <- get in touch
    And second one im receiving as an AMBER affiliate. Will write review soon.

    Hey fellow affiliate,

    Hope you're doing great, we most certainly are...

    The prelaunch page about oil was already great, but silver will kick it (not talking about GOLD until tomorrow...)

    The feedback is fantastic, we got a ton of people mailing in questions already and the BUZZ is absolutely HUGE.

    Even Youtube is flooded with commoditycode videos.. Great that you guys took the advice to build some free traffic this way...

    We will do our best to repay you with as MUCH money as possible...

    As usual ...

    SWIPE files can be found at

    Keep rocking,

    Steve & Crew

    Ps: a little humour today.

    Top 10 Signs You Might Be An Affiliate Marketer

    10. You never know how to answer the question, "What do you do?"

    9. Sleep is for sissies.

    8. You go to work in your jammies - and you don't get fired.

    7. You finally figured out what BHO stands for.

    6. You've actually understood an entire post from ecomcity the first time through.

    5. You spend more on domains than your spouse spends on clothing.

    4. You work with people you've never actually met.

    3. You have a love/hate relationship with at least one network.

    2. You've built an entire web site around products you know nothing about.

    1. You've seen the owner of a network dressed in a Scooby Doo outfit.

    And Email from Megadroid Team regarding AMBER commodity robot.

    Hey, ***

    Yesterday we told you about the FapTurbo guys and their new
    Commodity Code software.

    If you thought that trading OIL was impressive…take a look at what it
    can do trading SILVER!

    It's incredible! They made more than twice what they made with oil.

    If you're wondering what makes silver such a hot ticket for trading,
    you'll love the fun facts section on the page.

    Did you know that silver is the best conductor of heat?

    Did you know that through history, more people have used silver for
    money than gold?

    There's a ton of other facts like that…no wonder trading silver is such a
    lucrative business.

    If you missed the oil report yesterday you can find it at the bottom of
    the page.

    But for today, you've GOT to check out the silver report…it's stunning!

    All the best

    The MD Team

    P.S. Watch out for the GOLD report tomorrow!
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    Some news for the Commodity Code affiliates (AMBER) - email received 12.July 2012

    Hey Affiliates!
    We are kicking major butt guys! Almost 500 Affiliates aboard now
    and GREAT feedback... The actual selling is still a little more
    down the road but all this heating up is already working
    Remember today the best commodity shows its performance: GOLD
    594% gain is absoluteley great .. make sure your prospects see
    this... a very important mailout...
    The gold page includes performance links to oil and silver as
    well and will stay 2 days (1 day mail break) for you to relax a

    Take care!
    Megadroid team newsletter follows promoting AMBER

    Hey, ***k

    A.M.B.E.R. is starting to look like the commodity world's answer to FX

    73% on Oil!

    194% on Silver!

    Now 593% on Gold!

    They've made about $600k USD on gold…and in the amount of time it
    took them - that's REALLY something amazing!

    They're trading A.M.B.E.R. with some pretty big start up amounts but
    Steve promises that you can start an account with as little as $100.

    You have to check out the proof for the Gold report today. It's going to
    blow you away!

    If you missed the oil and silver reports you can also find them at the
    bottom of the page.

    Steve and the Fap Crew never cease to amaze us with their ingenuity.
    Who would've thought that FX could inspire a bot that trades
    commodities like this?

    Today is the last report that they're going to put out. The next thing is
    you see from the the Commodity Code is really going to excite you.

    Keep an eye out for our next mail.

    For now, get that report!

    All the best

    The MD Team

    P.S. Remember, if you sign up on to the list you can stand a chance to
    win a free copy of A.M.B.E.R. on their launch day!

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    This is an email from Commodity Code regarding AMBER launch im receiving as an person who subscribed for they free AMBER robot contest: (It really looks its meant to make rush and the AMBER robot is VIP suff..

    This E-mail is to notify you that you have been added to the contest for a FREE "private" License of A.M.B.E.R.
    Unfortunately so have more than 22,345 other people so far..

    We would love to give out more free copies but unfortunately we cannot, due to the simple fact that

    A.M.B.E.R. cost us a fortune to produce (maintain a full programmer team + masterminds such as Ronald Kravchuck and Antony Kemble for 4 years..)

    plus we will not sell many copies of A.M.B.E.R. as well... as we need to maintain liquidity in the market and keep the profitability of each license high.. for us and for the sake of those that can get their hands on a license..

    No crippling of profits because of GREED, no sir.

    Rest assured you WILL see a "sold out" sign at the end of this launch.. A.M.B.E.R. will be taken out of the market and back into the shade probably hours after launch.

    Right now we are still calculating the contingent of available copies and licenses, but in this case less is more for everyone.

    Please do not mail any questions just yet, we have developed a full F.A.Q. section and are just ironing out the final issues... our support is already flooded with mails..

    Also we do NOT sell any copies before the official launchdate , that would be highly unethical and unfair so stop asking about it.

    Everything in due time, have a little more patience and you shall see something BIG come of this!
    Don't forget to check Gold Live results and the new video:

    Keep checking the email on the next few days for the breaking news and live updates! We are going LIVE very soon!

    Thank you!

    Steve and AMBER team

    ps: Gold just made another profitable trade.. YIKES
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    Todays newsletter for A.M.B.E.R. Affiliates from Commodity code. Date 14.7.2012

    Hey Affiliates,

    I hope you enjoyed yesterday's "break" day... I know it's a long
    prelaunch with many mails, but this is going to pay off BIG TIME.

    How many trading solutions do you know that make money
    automatically with silver, oil, AND gold... and will be sold for
    up to 6,000 bucks YOUR share?

    None? I hear ya...

    What tops it off and will be a major seller is the fact that
    A.M.B.E.R. trades live in front of the audience... and again
    makes profitable trades upping the results even more...

    So schedule todays mail, the interview with the developers to let
    people have a glimpse behind the curtain...

    We carry the proof performances now with us all the way too...

    Also a serious apology... Unfortunately we cannot give you the
    full launch sequence because we adapt and change the formula all
    the time to make sure you get the biggest bang for your referred
    prospects and leads... we adapt based on the results + add more
    goodies and stuff as we go to ensure we respond quickly and
    precisely... a thing that a STALE and rigid launch never could

    Thank you, let's keep rocking together.

    The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is waiting... and no
    "F*******" Kobold that can steal it...

    Talk soon

    Skype ID: ***
    And second email from MD team

    Hey, ***

    There's a fantastic new video out on the Commodity Code site today!

    You can see it here:

    The A.M.B.E.R. developers talk about their creation and explain where
    they've come from and why they created A.M.B.E.R.

    There's a lot more on the page as well. The 3 level system is explained…


    The Oil, Silver and Gold Modules are still there just in case you didn't
    have a chance to see them this week.

    This is not something to be missed!

    The video explains how A.M.B.E.R. was born and how it works. These
    guys aren't new to the profit game either. They were the guys behind the
    GPS bot!

    All the best

    The MD Team

    P.S. Remember, if you put your email down you could win a free copy
    on launch day!

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    Email from CommodityCode regarding AMBER robot launch after 2 days from now. Date i received this email 15.July.2012

    We are extremely excited because this is the best moneymaking software we have ever devised.. can you imagine?

    4 years of hard work, countless testing and tweaking..

    We got pretty well rewarded already.. after all making over $ 800,000 in trading is quite "nice" isn't it?

    Actually it is super-freaking-awesome!!

    You see I got a hard time containing my excitement.

    However with all the marketing blablu out there saying "we only got xxx copies left" I got some really BAD news too..

    we really.. REALLY got only a very limited contingent of copies..

    we had to calculate the market liquidity as to not endanger us our our clients profits..

    its quite simple.. only a handful of people can make
    money trading commodities..

    if we win.. someone else looses.. not everyone can profit..

    if too many copies would be sold the odds would shift in the winners favour but the profits would become smaller and smaller..

    we only sell a contingent of THREE digits.. divided into 3 different license types..

    be prepared and sorry for this but I think you understand why we have to do it.

    at this point we have 24373 people that have followed A.M.B.E.R. s results...

    Not everyone will be able to afford a copy.. some of you might even be skeptical (even if we did everything to prove the results, validating them with a well known brokerage)

    you do the math... how many will want the only real commodity trading robot on the planet?

    Will update you soon!

    Just the best!

    This is second email today regarding AMBER. This one im receiving as an A.M.B.E.R. affiliate.

    Hey partner,

    We are in the final stretch! 2 more days and the doors will be opened to let in thousands of people that will make you a ton of moolah

    Im really glad how things worked out so far and you are going to be WELL rewarded.. just keep pushing on the final stretch!

    grab the swipe for today at

    Tomorrow we open the phonelines to let people purchase usd 10,000 licenses..

    It`s for the ones that really don`t want to risk being left without a copy plus it serves as a nice test for our phonecall team..

    IMPORTANT: You will not lose your cookie! The whole affiliate system is vendor based and if the phonecaller was referred by you , you WILL see your commission..

    I'm crossing my fingers that you can sell a 10k one.. if not tons of 2k ones are waiting so no worries

    Just the best!


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    Todays email from Commodity Code for AMBER robot affiliates. Date 16.July 2012. Launch within just 24 hours.

    Okay here we go.. 24 Hours till we open the doors and flood you with sales...

    But it will ALREADY happen today.. remember we open the "phone" Doors early with our new ingeniously devised Early Bird plan..

    We added a form that allows the needy customers to call our sales team directly and apply for a fundmanager license... that means:

    10 k licenses being sold today already!

    I cross my fingers for you that we will be able to sell some big ones to let you make HEFTY comissions!

    Schedule todays SWIPE file to go out at 9 AM EST TIME

    heres the adress to grab it

    The normal opening is happening tomorrow when the 2k licenses will be sold.. we have over 22,000 leads.. and next to bank wire and credit card selling a good phon sales team in place.

    Its going to ROCK!

    Happy to have you aboard and crossing my fingers that you make a killing!


    Steve & Mike
    And this is an email which follows from MD team:

    Hey, ***

    You've seen a lot of information about the new Commodity Trading
    robot that they call A.M.B.E.R.

    You've seen the Oil, Silver and Gold reports. You've seen the interview.

    The Commodity Code officially goes live tomorrow on the 17th of July.

    BUT…if you qualify, you can get a copy today!

    If you're a fund manager, then just call the phone number that you see
    on the page and you can talk to one of their representatives.

    If you qualify, then you can get special advance access to A.M.B.E.R.

    If you're wondering why you might need to do something like this, it's
    because you're likely to see a 'sold out' sign on the site very soon after
    they open their doors.

    It's the nature of the beast unfortunately. If you're a big fish then you're
    not going to want to take the chance that you could miss this.

    Go here:

    If you're going to wait for tomorrow however, you have to make sure
    that sure that you're ready to pull the trigger at exactly 9am EST

    They are going to get sold out VERY quickly!

    All the best

    The MD Team
    Email from Megadroid team follows and i have just purcahsed my private copy via BankWire:

    Hey, ***
    This is it! The Commodity Code is available for you to own! Get your
    license now!

    There are actually THREE different types of licenses available, but
    here's where things really start to get interesting.

    EVERY license holder gets a 'profit pass' for a meeting in Austria in
    2014 (fully paid stay and room) to discuss developments and profits.

    Are you going to be attending?

    This is some truly revolutionary stuff, 800% in commodities is not
    something that just anybody can do.

    Don't forget, this is coming from Steve of FapTurbo fame….AND the
    coders are the guys behind the GPS bot!

    You've seen the Oil, Silver and Gold reports right?

    There's still some numbers on the page if you missed anything:

    This is for the big guys only, so…if you're ready to graduate…get a
    hold of your license for A.M.B.E.R. today!

    All the best

    The MD Team

    P.S. They're really going to be sold out very soon, licenses are in very
    short supply. Something this powerful can't be given to 1000 people.

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