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Thread: Having tow e-mails on the same PayPal

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    Having tow e-mails on the same PayPal

    A feature that I like very much on PayPal is that I can add more than one e-mail to my account and have them linked together. This feature is very helpful as I can use on e-mail for my online business, another one for my family and friends money exchanges and if I wish another one for buying goods.

    Do you use only one e-mail on your PayPal account? Consider of adding more, you can manage the payments you receive and send easier. You will be receiving e-mail notification on your inbox about income on one mail account, about spends on another etc..

    After all, having tow accounts will help you with your password, as if you forget your password you can use your second e-mail for verification. You will not need to remember secret questions or personal information.

    Let me know what you think about it.

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    I am using three different email adresses for receiving payments to my Paypal account. My second account is linked with frist Paypal account to help me to recover my password in case I have forgotten it.

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    How can i set additional email addresses in my paypal account? Im using only one i used to signup with Paypal..
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