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Thread: PayPal fees

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    PayPal fees

    When I am receiving payments via PayPal, I get fee on them. I know I can receive payments with 0% fee only if the sender choose so. I was wondering if there is any way I can decrease those fees. I wanna make them as less as possible so that I will not loose big amounts of money because of this.

    I am currently using a personal account, and I am getting 3.4% fee plus 0.35 Euro.
    If I register for a different type of account, will me fees be less? Or they will remain the same as the fees of a personal account?
    I read that payments of bigger amounts get less fee, but I am not receiving big amounts of payments..

    Is there any option which allows me to pay a monthly or yearly fee and receive payments without fees?

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    This would be not possible. From every outgoing transaction 1 % service fee would be decuded.

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    Only 1%? I am getting more than 3% fees... What kind of account do you use with only 1% fees??
    I am looking forward to change account if this is possible.

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    Hi, with Paypal you pay 0% fee when you send or receive money from PayPal balance. But you should send payment as Personal, Other or Personal Gift i think...
    Also when you send money from credit card, it is most expensive transaction, and they can debit around 4% out of payment..!
    There are PayPal fees table:
    I think they tried to write it simple but i still cant understand it fully
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    The percentage of Fees are depend on the amount of money that you transact.

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    Send money as gift and you'll have no fees
    Must be personal ofcourse...

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    If you get the person to send the money as a gift there is no fee. However, if you are registered as a business account i think you cannot avaoid fees and the amount you are charged my differ from a personal account.

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