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Thread: What exchange sites to trust

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    What exchange sites to trust

    If you want to transfer your money from a payment processor to another, will you go with a currency exchange site? I read that is very risky as they might get your money and never give them back to you.. That will be very sad to happen.. You still can request a refund from your payment processor, but you cannot be sure if you will receive them back.

    I also read that some payment processors don't allow this and if they discover it they might ban your account.

    Some people say that if you go with new sites, you have less chances to lose your money. Other people say that there are old and good payment processors exchange sites which are doing business honestly.

    Have you ever tried any site like those? Was the transfer done correctly? Do you trust any of them?

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    Hi, i usually trust big exchange sites which are advertised in banners on forums and big sites. I have good success with currently.
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    hi ,
    i totally agree with you Hend.Elaine.

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    I have already tried out Ecardone for exchanging bigger amounts and I really can recommend this exchanger site to you. The fees are acceptable and the transactions are done correctly to my accounts.

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