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Thread: SEO techniques which need to be done more than once

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    SEO techniques which need to be done more than once

    Every webmaster wants to get some organic traffic. This is free traffic from search engines and is always good, as people who are coming, found something they were searching for, on your site.

    To get organic traffic you need to work on the SEO of your site. There are SEO techniques which need to be done more than once and will give you very good results if you doing them often.

    For example:
    It's not enough to post a few articles on a month and then stop, you need to keep on posting articles for your site. You shouldn't post SEO friendly/ quality content only a few times, try every time you are going to publish something to make it SEO friendly. While you are building back links, try not to build only do follow back links, get some natural back links too each month.

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    SEO techniques which need to be done more than one time are as follow :-

    (1) Blog commenting.
    (2) Article submission.
    (3) Guest blogging.

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    Search engine optimization are broadly divided in 2 kind one is On page optimization and next one is off page optimization but On page optimization is one or two times process but Off page optimization is a continues process for higher search results and search engine visibility.

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    These are things normally found on every page in google when you hit a search, the only thing you have to keep in mind is popularity, just use the search bar for example, when search for something google automatically suggests you, use that in meta tag and build some backlinks, and vollla you start getting traffic, simple as that

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    Those are some general and broad tips, but nonetheless they are very true. A few things to add would be that for keywords you can get a good idea by searching in google key words. Think about what your site is about, who you want to attract, how they visitors try to find your content and then work from that. Research comes first, because even if you think you're doing SEO, it might backfire if you don't make it fit for your website.
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    To rank better always we need all the off page techniques to be done on regular forum participation,article writing and posting and blog commenting.
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