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Thread: Selling your own or affiliate product?

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    Selling your own or affiliate product?

    While I am visiting websites, I see that many webmasters are promoting products. I believe that is a good idea as you will earn a good amount of money for each sale you make. There are webmasters who are promoting their own products and others who promote affiliate products.

    Creating your own product might not be that easy, it will take you lot of time and you cannot know if people will like it. In addition so many products already exist that is difficult to make your own and beat them.

    On the other hand, promoting affiliate products can be more successful as you can promote many popular products and find more people who wanna buy them. Your earnings will be less, as you will be getting commission and not the whole amount of money of the sale.

    Which is the best option on your opinion? Is it good to create your own product or promoting affiliate products?

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    The best method to earn more money will be to create and promote your own product, because your own product would be unique and something what the people are looking for.

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