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Thread: Which pair do you trade with?

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    Which pair do you trade with?

    While trading you have to choose among many pairs. Some people prefer to trade with USD dollar with Euro because they are the bigger currencies nowadays. Other people prefer to trade their own currency with another currency without thinking if their currency will have big increases or not.

    I have tried trading USD Dollar with Euro and it is a very good pair. Those currencies are having high increases and decreases and you can make profit easily. The same way you can have big looses too..

    Some expert traders are recommending trading USD dollar with other currencies than Euro like Yen. They say that a "strong" currency and another which is not so "strong" is a good pair which can be managed easier from newbies too.

    Which pair do you prefer to use while trading? Are you trading different pairs each time or you have your best one?

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    I am prefering USD Dollar and Euro as trading pair because it is recommended and easier for beginners in forex.

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    I don’t rely upon single pair since the market is ever changing, so I could easily take opportunities in various pairs while the negative side of trading on too many pairs is that we are not able to concentrate and can easily get carried away but also there is negative part with single trading pair since if we don’t find any opportunity than we can get frustrated easily.

    I mostly feel comfortable with any currency pair that I use since it is all equal to me due to the low spread of just 0.2 pips that I get with my broker OctaFX, it feels great to have such special facilities especially with been a newbie, if we get any help we have a better chance of success.

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    I have been using the euro / dollar, the pound / dollar and gold. Most volatile instruments on the forex market.
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    GBP/AUD does it for me recently.

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    If you mention volatile then how could you forget Yen? Easily the most risky instrument apart from Gold, I trade with EUR/JPY and pairs related to JPY whenever I am doing scalping since it’s so much profitable, but also risky. I have only bright point and that’s OctaFX since their spread is low and that’s what helps me get some comfortable, but of course we need to understand that the risk is forever present in such pairs and that’s why we need to be careful.

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    Foreign currency exchange traders are giving concentration on earning profit from the price fluctuations of various currency pairs. And forex is nothing but currency exchange where traders are converting or exchanging one currency for another in any trade. But forex traders need to choose currency pairs that are stable, shows less uncertainty and can help a trader to achieve more profitable yet balanced trading voyage. Thereby I favor major pairs to trade.

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    I often trade the eur/usd pair because I'm more familiar with the countries that have these currencies. I am trading with FreshForex and their spread for this spread is as low as 0.

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    I personally like both EURUSD and GBPUSD. Actually I only trade these two pairs. I do not like to trade many pairs. But between EURUSD and GBPUSD I like GBPUSD the more. It is a wise idea to select one or two pairs for trading. It gives you space to learn all the trading patterns of that single pair. I am trading with XeroMarkets broker that has 77+ trading instruments. You can choose your best from here.

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    Leverage is an important trading tool among all trading ingredients in making huge profit rapidly. That’s why when selecting the broker we need to check the leverage facility that is much supportive. I always prefer the higher leverage provided broker that’s why I join at Forex4you broker. In this trading platform I have high leverage 1:1000, advance risk management; instant and fast trade execution support, expert assistance and daily trade updates.

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