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Thread: Which GPT sites do you prefer?

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    Which GPT sites do you prefer?

    Which GPT sites do you prefer more?

    There are many kinds of GPT sites. Those which are offering money for joining sites for free and other which are giving cash back offers. Some GPT sites are paying for downloading software and others to run add-ons on your browser.

    Most of the GPT sites are giving money for visiting sites too, but for very low amount as the main source of earning on those sites is by completing offers.

    I like most the GPT sites that have free sign up offers and not offers which you need to pay before getting rewarded. I also prefer those which have low minimum withdraw so that I will be able to request my money any time I want.

    What do you ask from a GPT site? Do you want to find new offers every day/ week or it doesn't matter for you?

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    I am prefering paid to survey sites and paid to post forums. My awaitings from this sites are trustable sites, friendly admins and staff and reliable earnings.

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    My personal favorites would have to be paidthefastest and naturebucks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by collegeman91 View Post
    My personal favorites would have to be paidthefastest and naturebucks.
    Post snap shots for trust.

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    I trust in

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    I don't really like any sites that use up CPU, just too much risk for little reward imo. SO I prefer surveys/tasks sites if I have some extra time, but in general I like sites which can help yo ubuild up stuff. So i.e. have some sort of referral program, or have some sort of compounding.

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