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Thread: The reason for the increase in popularity of Google

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    The reason for the increase in popularity of Google

    In the recent time Google is very popular name. This has been ranked as the best search engine in the world. What is the reason for the popularity of Google? This search engine has millions of users in the world. The search engine has the capability to search more than 9 million URLs. Google provides its users to browse through several pages at the same time. The information or content that you get in this search engine are of the best quality. The users get the best results which matches their queries. Besides being the best search engine the information provided are simple and delivered at a higher speed.

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    The reason they are #1 is that they deliver relevant results and they do it better than the competition.

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    I wish to narrow it accrding to Wikipedia. In 2012 Google indexed over 30 trillion web pages (30,000,000,000,000). Trillion is milion of millions. and many of them they also caches on their servers...
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