Greetings, dear readers! I want to share information about the SRA (Sales Rankin Assistant) platform, which provides a unique opportunity for passive income on the Internet. Please keep in mind that this is not financial advice and any investment should be made at your own risk.

How it works?

The SRA offers the following earning scheme:

Input investments: You invest $30 or more. The minimum withdrawal amount is $7.
Profitability: You receive 60% profit from your investment every month. For example, if you invested $100, your monthly profit will be $60.

Withdrawal of funds: The platform allows you to withdraw funds to cryptocurrency wallets, to TRC20. The withdrawal fee is 20% of the withdrawal amount and 2 USDT as a fixed fee.

Long-term plan: It is important to note that you cannot withdraw the principal amount of the deposit. However, I was able to recoup my deposit within 35-40 days.

Earning money idea

The interesting thing about SRA is that when you invest, you are required to purchase items on their app on a daily basis. This process allows the platform to generate income through commissions on purchases.

Links and Contacts

If you are interested and want to join, you can use this link. ref (I will be grateful and you will receive bonuses, and so will I)


Remember that investing always involves risk. SRA is an interesting experiment. Therefore, your investment decision should be an informed one based on your own assessment of the risks and opportunities.

Be careful and remember to do your own research before making a decision!
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