Hey guys, welcome to my page. In this article, I will reveal to you how to earn money, for example PayPal cash, by shortening links with the Shrinkme application. As you can see, people are doing this every single day and are cashing out their earnings, basically from any country in the world. And with relatively little effort. It is mind-blowingly simple. You absolutely don't need any advanced skills to pull this off, guys. No professional experience will be required for this.

Shrinkme is a so called "URL shortener", that allows you to shorten and monetize your links. They claim they are the highest paying URL shortener in the industry right now. And if that information here on their homepage can be trusted, it is possible to earn even up to 220 USD for every 10k views one or more of your shortened links get. A pretty bold claim. We will take a closer look at your real earning potential and the payment rates these guys offer in detail just in a moment. Because there are variables and factors, that may have an impact on your final results. For now, though, let us find out, how this simple earning method works in practice. Say for instance you would like to promote a product as an affiliate. According to Shrinkme even up to 220 dollars for every 10 thousand views your links get. And the greatest aspect of this is, guys, you can use any URL for that you wish - as long as the content you share is not related to any shady stuff, naturally. If you like, you may even combine this with your affiliate campaigns and simply shorten any of your referral links to get paid not only for every visitor your shortened affiliate links get, but also for collecting new referrals and for successfully promoting your business partners' products. And as said earlier: no special skills are needed for this. No advanced expertise and no fancy equipment will be required to pull this off with success. You can get started even as of today, if you want, with zero upfront costs for you. All you need is some targeted traffic to drive to your shortened links and that's it. I am going to teach you how to do that with very little effort and free of charge just in a moment, so make sure you stick around. And just to prove to you that there are people earning money with this, let us take a look at this list of payment proofs, we can find on the homepage of Shrinkme. As you can see, people are cashing out their earnings every single day. Some are getting paid a couple of dollars. Some even sums like 50 Dollars, 70 Dollars and more. And this list of payment proofs goes on and on and on for hundreds of pages. Page two, page three and so on and so forth. Now, that user here down below cashed out a sum of 164 Dollars - which is a pretty impressive result for a link shortening campaign. I mean, all of this is about grabbing a link, shortening it with one click of your mouse and sharing it with potential visitors on the internet. You actually don't have to do anything actively here, apart from posting your shortened link. You don't have to create any content. You don't sell any products or services. You don't even have to promote anything as an affiliate, if you don't fancy that. You can use any URL you like for this method, like the URL of your favorite video on TikTok or YouTube, the URL of your own blog or website and even of your own social media profile. And get paid out your earnings via PayPal, Paytm or Payeer - just to name a few payment methods, that are featured here on Shrinkme. New members get credited a sign up bonus of 1 Dollar just for creating their free account and become eligible to cashout once they have reached the minimum payout threshold of 5 Dollars. The payment frequency is daily, so it doesn't matter how many times or on which day of the week you request a payout - if you reached the minimum cashout threshold, you are free to request a withdrawal at anytime. Plus, you can ask to get paid out your earnings also in Bitcoin, if you're passionate about crypto. Keep in mind, though, that your final result may vary - depending not only on the amount and quality of traffic you drive to your shortened links, but also on the location of your visitors. As you can see, the payment rates vary across countries. For example you may earn 6 Dollars, if your link gets clicked by 1000 visitors, who live in countries like Australia nor New Zealand. Whereas countries like Belgium, the US or Ireland, may generate the highest payment rates per 1000 views for you, namely even up to 16 dollars. Which is really, really a lot. So, you may increase your chances of maximizing your profit by simply keeping an eye on your campaign's demographic profile and by sharing your links with people, who live in these so called top tier countries, you will find at the very top of this list. Also, bear in mind, that these country rates are dynamic and may change and either increase or decrease, depending on how much advertisers are willing to spend on ads your visitors see when they click on your shortened links. Because that's actually how URL shorteners such as this one make profit, guys. You might have asked yourself, why should anybody pay you for shortening and sharing links on the internet? How do these guys here on Shrinkme profit from all of this? Well, the answer is pretty simple: by collaborating with their business partners. These business partners, advertisers mostly, pay link shortening services such as this one money, in exchange for having their ads, like banner ads or video ads, displayed on intermediate pages. Intermediate pages visitors who click on your shortened links see for a couple of seconds, before they get redirected to their destination page. And that's where you come in, guys. You share your shortened links with people online. Your visitors click on your link, see ads on an intermediate page, stay on that page for 5 to 7 seconds, and once the timer has counted down to zero, they get automatically redirected to their destination page, so that you and the URL shortener you signed up on, get paid by the advertiser for that. It is a win-win situation for all parties. Which leads us to the most relevant aspect of this earning method: driving targeted quality traffic to your shortened links. Because making money with link shortening, guys, is all about the traffic. No targeted traffic, no earnings. It is simple as that. No matter what type of high quality content you share through your link, if no one clicks on your link, you don't earn any money. That's why it is so crucial for your long term success to find and address an audience, that fits your niche or I should rather say, that is interested, genuinely interested in the content you share through your links. One possible way how you can drive targeted traffic free of charge to your shortened links, would be to share them in your videos' description box on Besides, you don't like the idea of showing your own face in your videos. Well, with this method you absolutely don't need to. You don't need to be a famous YouTuber for this, either. Say for example you would like to promote content, that is fitness-related through your shortened links, like a blog, that deals with topics such as weight loss or diets. Or a product from the fitness / weight loss niche, you would like to promote as an affiliate. Now, you can use the immense traffic power of YouTube and promote your own affiliate campaigns as well as your shortened links without showing your face and even without recording your own videos. How? Well, simply use videos, that have been given a so called "creative commons" license. Take this example video from the fitness / weight loss niche for instance. It has gotten so far more than 36 million views and luckily for us it has been given a Creative Commons License, which means, that we are expressively allowed to reuse it for our own purposes. If you like, you can reupload it on your own channel and collect masses of views from a fitness-interested audience without worrying to get in any kind of legal issue with the original uploader. So, what you can do, is, reupload content, that has been equipped with a creative commons license, on your own channel on YouTube, get masses of views and drive potential visitors and referrals to your affiliate campaigns and shortened links, by placing your links at the top of your video's description box, so that your viewers may see them and check them out to bring you profit with every click you get. Another pretty effective method to get masses of traffic for your shortened links would be simply to start your own channel on TikTok and to promote your products, services and links as well through your TikTok videos. And the greatest aspect of this is, guys, you absolutely don't have to show your face at all in your videos, if you don't fancy that. Despite what many gurus out there claim, it is very well possible to run a profitable online business through TikTok and stay 100 percent anonymous at the same time. Take this example TikTok channel here. This one is about smoothie blenders, obviously, but it doesn't have to be smoothie blenders, you can promote any product you like without ever showing your face and use simply use your channel's traffic power to promote any product, service or link you like. All you need to do is to place your referral link or shortened URL - for example to your online shop - here in your channel's description, so that your followers and viewers may see it, check it out and generate profit for you - either by purchasing products in your own store or by buying products you promote for a business partner or simply by clicking on one of your monetized, shortened links. And as previously mentioned, it is even possible to combine these methods in order to absolutely milk this. So guys, that's how you can make money using Shrinkme as a complete beginner in 2023.