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Thread: What is the thing you like doing most?

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    Talking What is the thing you like doing most?

    Hi, what is it You like doing most? I mean something you are doing frequently like at least weekly or daily and you like the most?

    In my case, i think it is when i helping someone, answering questions..

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    i do internet surfing the most, almost doing whole day :P

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    I would like to travel around the world by ship or plane and visiting interesting cities, places and people.

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    surfing the net is mostly the thing I used to do. I play games as well.
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    I like to travel a lot. Apart from this I like blogging, watching movies, spending some time in facebook.

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    Singing & playing football, HAHAH! these two are my most of the time hobbies!

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    Its a nice topic.. Whenever i am feeling free and relax, i used to playing games, online surfing and watching tv..

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    Hi! I like programming websites in html/css
    then I like drinking cold beers...and the last thing
    I love to be lazy!

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    I love to make money online.

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    Hey all! I LOVE playing badminton, just so little time to do it lately... other than that I like to watch a movie or two, hang out with my friends... the usual

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