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Thread: Pepperstone Broker review

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    Lightbulb Pepperstone Broker review

    Hi, recently i have applied for a new Pepperstone Razor account because i have seen they have very good spreads on their ECN Razzor account.
    My aim was to use Million Dollar Pips robot on this account.

    So far my experience is very good. The support is quite quick, Connection is good to their NY Razor servers. Spreads are usually 0.2-0.7 pips on major currency pairs.

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    Today i have received newsletter from Pepperstone and its certainly good news for Pepperstone Razor account owners. Pepperstone decided to upgrade and increase number of their servers, read more for exact info:

    Dear XXX ,In the last few months, Pepperstone has grown at an explosive rate. Each day our clients are processing billions of dollars in FX transaction into the ECN Grid. To fuel this growth, Pepperstone will be implementing additional core infrastruture upgrades into our existing Equinix NY4 server suite. The infrastructure updates include multiple new MT4 servers and optical fibre cross connections. The upgrades will drastically enhance pricing connecttivity.

    Our engineers are currently working around the clock to bring these new services online and executing trades into the ECN Grid by the 5th March.

    Existing accounts will be split so that all Razor accounts will be relocated to a new Razor Server, while all Standard Accounts will remain on the primary server.
    Both servers will be the same, the only difference will be that the Razor Server will feature Razor pricing on the charts.

    During the updates this weekend, all servers will be offline for the full weekend period. You will not be able to access your accounts until late on Sunday, around 12 hours before the market opens.

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