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The price of one currency in relation to other changes every instant and these changes are explored by Forex traders in order to make a profit. The Forex market has been one of the most actively explored financial markets of all time as there are hundreds of techniques and indicators
for different trading pairs. PipsFund has been investing in the Forex market for a few years now and our main concentration area is over the USD/GBP fluctuations. We have established a strategy based on medium term trades, going from 24 to 96 hours maximum, combining both graphical and technical analysis.
When trading in Forex, you need to use a certain leverage level, which means the rate at which your capital is multiplied in order to increase your profits and this rate can vary from 1 to 1000. Of course using a very high leverage will also multiply your losses when they occur and that is the main reason we decided to open PipsFund to the general public: we want to increase our investment pool without increasing our leverage level and thus our losses. PipsFund will give us a much wider investment capital to explore our trades and of course, a part of this profit will be shared with you via our investment plan.
We decided to go for one plan and simple investment plan paying 2% daily for 120 calendar days, principal is returned after end of period. Our site also offers a referral system for those interested in promoting our program and our referral commissions are valued at 4% on the first level and 1% on the second level.
The greatest adventures in life are the ones that lie ahead us, there will always be something to happen if you are expecting and acting for it to happen. You might be a few months away from changing your financial reality with PipsFund so join us in this adventure and start making money today!
Plans :
2% daily for 120 calendar days,
principal is returned after end of period

Accepts:Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, SolidTrustPay, EgoPay

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