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Are you ready to Get Paid?
We have a excellent referral pay plan also.
Get paid 5% on your 1st level, 3% on your second and 2% on your third level.
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We also have the option to compound your surf earnings daily.
Referral payouts under $1 for AlertPay are placed in pending until you have over $1.
You can also place your payments On Hold to build up to one lump sum.
Plans :
Purchase Ad Packs

Below you can purchase Ad Packs so you can get paid for surfing.
All payouts are processed by the system without a need to make a request

We have 3 options for you to get paid.

1.) 8% paid instant for 16 days (8% x 16 days = 128%) Max $5,000.

2.) 9% paid daily for 15 days (9% x 15 days = 135%) Max $15,000.

3.) 10% paid daily on expire for 14 days (10% for 14 days = 140%) Max $30,000.

You can have any of the Ad Packs above combined. You can also compound.
To change your account to compound status please visit your account settings page.
Payouts are also retro-active. You can purchase after you have already surfed.

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