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Hyipbit.com is the first Bitcoin-based high yield investment program in history. We accept Bitcoin deposits (alongside traditional e-currencies such as LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney), as well as make profit trading bitcoins and generating them through so-called "mining". If you haven't heard about the incredible and disruptive Bitcoin system yet, you might check, for example, this website.
You can start investing with us within minutes, without registration. We pay you each week-day (Monday trough Friday) directly to your e-currency account you made your deposit from. You do not have to make withdrawal requests, everything is automated. We pay your initial deposit (principal) back as a part of daily payments. During one investment cycle you will receive 50 payments each 5%, 5.5%, or 6% of your initial investment (based on its amount). Taking the return of your initial deposit into account, it will result in your profit of 150%, 175%, or 200% within just two months!

We'd like to finish this introduction to our program by showing you the historical Bitcoin price data.
You can see really strong market trends and great opportunity for trading profits. This is the best time for profiting from Bitcoin now.

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