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    Easyhits4u is traffic exchange site with the good ratio.. we can got 1 visitor to our site just for visit 1 site its mean ration here 1:1 for manual surf..
    I was using this site since long time and the service is good to increase our rank site

    and also we can got $3 for 10k surfin in we can got money too while we are surf

    If you are interested you can join here :

    Join Easyhits4u Now

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    easyhit4u is good but you cannot earn much as you expect it only pays 0.30 $ for 1000 views, since almost 3 months i have 2800 views now i have 0.60$ in account LOL

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    Yeah, but you can get more views to your webpage
    But $0.3 for 1000 views is sucks

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    Am using this site for 3 month

    And yes , its a legit site

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