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    Greetings to everyone viewing this page, and welcome to the most exciting investment opportunity of all times! elselife offers two great plans for you - The first plan pays you 10% daily for 12 days which brings you a total return of 120% on your investment.The Second plan pays you 132% after 12 days which brings you a total return of 132% on your investment. This plan is intended especially for people who like to get paid daily. By the way I noticed some serious ups and downs in the AutoSurf industry over the years, and have gained so much experience, that I believe it is now the time to put all this knowledge into practice. I have prepared myself with a fairly good amount of budget to sustain the project for many months and will do everything in my power to bring the old, good days back to life. Let the excitement begin!

    *Surf Daily 15 Site
    *Each Site Take 15 sec time
    *Free Member Can add one site in rotation
    *Upgraded Member Can Add 5 sites in rotation
    *100 Credits upon purchasing unit.
    *LibertyReserve minimum cashout $0.00
    *Alertpay minimum cashout $1.00

    Link: ElseLife.Com

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    ask2talk do you have screen of your payments ?

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    not paying.....

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    yeah, its a scam, they just want to make money from users but not pay them

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