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Welcome to our VIP doubler. Only we have the best conditions, the most convenient office and pleasant environment. We all out. The project is designed to double your VIP account with us.
We use uniquely designed script that instantly reserve funds for payments to participants on the purse and the expiration time yourself to pay off depositors. He just will not take you contribute, if not enough provision for payment. This is our own design. Try it and you will not be disappointed.
To view and maintain the project, we created a separate fund of $ 10,000.
They will need in the first time for placement of deposits and continuous operation. Remember, time is always relative. It can help you to double the funds for only 24 hours, and we in turn take care of it.
Plans :
Start Capital (less then 3 depo) - after 1 day
$10 - $100 180%

New Life - after 2 days
$101 - $300 220%

Bright Future - after 3 days
$301 - $1,000 260%
$1,001 - $10,000 280%

Payment processors: LR, PM

10% direct referal bonus

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