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Thread: Looking For Link Or Banner Exchange

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    Looking For Link Or Banner Exchange

    Im looking for link or banner exchange - the site need to be from financial area - like PTC, surfbars, making money online etc.

    My site is

    Join my site and post a reply here if you are interested. Thx!

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    Hi Iriss,
    Why not buy a package from Banners Broker and combine making money with advertising your site ?

    Banners Broker is a new concept to advertise your banners ads, increase your branding and sales, and also earning money by selling advertising inventory.

    It is called an add/pub combo . You rent advertising banners whic bb manage for you and make you money on. In fact you make twice the money back as you paid out in the first place. Difficult to believe I know but true.

    Then bb give you advertising. Yes GIVE you advertising
    Promote any business you wish, and bb will blast out your banners.

    Its a total win/ win situation , rent advertising banners get paid back twice and get free banners for your own business, you would be mad not to do this!!

    Welcome to the world of wealth

    Thanks for reading
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    nice post... thank you so much for sharing

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