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Thread: Falkito new auction like zeek

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    Falkito new auction like zeek


    A Brand New World Wide Company is NOW in Pre-Prelaunch!!

    This pre prelaunch is only a few hours old. The official launch date is Oct…

    We have now the big chance to be one of the first members here and build our teams before the official start.

    It can be that not everything works totally fine because the official Prelauch start is on Tuesday the 7th of Aug. So don’t worry, this is a very early invitation…


    You’re lucky to be here, because you are one of the very first people to get to know about Falkito and are therefore entitled to receive 3 free bids for the amazing 70,000€uro BMW auction here at Falkito!
    At Falkito everybody will earn money – active people and passive people.

    We have 3 sources of money here:

    1. Income of Advertising – For every partner, active or passive
    2. Penny Auctions – Unilevel Plan
    3. Members Sales – Dual Plan/Speed Money
    4. …and more to come in the near future…

    Falkito signifies income, whether active or passive. There was never such a thing before !

    Every Partner in the prelaunch phase will receive the status of VFP – Very First Partner.
    For every other partner that you personally bring to Falkito, you will be rewarded with one VFP point. These VFP points are for a lifetim. Lifelong participation in Falkito is where it’s at: 3% of the turnover worldwide will flow into these points, which can only be collected during the prelaunch phase.

    This will be a Life-Changing Opportunity!!

    Join now it's free

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    I am in this looks great too, check out my post on Funky Shark, its set to be the next big thing after Zeek!

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    I think this can be the same like zeek and we must be very carefull with our money..

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    I think falkito is worth a trial because it is free join and we get all new details regulary in newsletter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by peter23 View Post
    I think this can be the same like zeek and we must be very carefull with our money..
    I am fully agree with this, regarding money anything new tool we use have to be very careful all of us.

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