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    HeadnTails -

    I am not admin.

    How to play the game

    This is the real-time liberty reserve coin flipping game that can be played online. You have the chance to double your money in seconds.

    Following these simple steps:

    » Guess 'Head' or 'Tails'.

    » Place your bet via our online payment processing software.

    » If you guess correctly you win double the amount you bet.

    » The winnings are instantly paid to your e-currency account!.

    Accept : Liberty Reserve

    Affiliate Commission : 5%


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    I have deposited 1 $ and won the frist round. But in second round after I have deposited 2 $ I have lost my full deposit.

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    always faile for bid tail and head

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    Quote Originally Posted by puppiesforprofit View Post
    How much money has anyone made here?
    I have already made 2 $ with Head and Tails.

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    Not working,and,this is pure gambling too.

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